Turfrob: Your Greenkeeper for Artificial Turf

Time-consuming greenkeeping is a thing of the past. Your robot takes care of it now. Turfrob is operated via an app and navigates fully automatically. Simply select a maintenance program and it completes the task without any supervision. Turfrob brushes and scrapes autonomously – even at night! Fully automatic greenkeeping perfected: That’s Turfrob!

MDR TV report: Simple artificial turf care with the care robot "TurfRob"

Turfrob: Perfect
greenkeeping thanks to
SMART Technology.

Effectiveness  Full of energy:  Professional power included!

Full of energy and
professional power included!

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The Turfrob has all the features for perfect greenkeeping. They are the key to the artificial turf system’s outstanding quality and sustainable playing characteristics.

Scraping and aerating infillScraping and aerating infill

Scraping and loosening infill

Depending on playing intensity, the infill becomes compressed and must be loosened regularly. The Turfrob scrapes the ground at an adequate depth and guarantees looseness and thus consistent playing characteristics.

Brushing the blades of artificial grass and straighteningBrushing the blades of artificial grass and straightening

Brushing and straightening
of artificial grass

Football boots put very high mechanical stress on artificial turf fibres. Especially in the penalty areas of the pitch. To protect the fibres from snapping, constantly brushing them is very helpful and helps the artificial turf system last longer.

Economy: Optimal care, longer useful life.

Optimal care,
longer lifespan.

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Superior drive and battery technology guarantee environmentally friendly maintenance of the field. The field gets its required dose consistently during operation, depending on the playing intensity and system design. It has never been looked after better.

Technology: High-tech for a quick start

High-tech for a quick start.

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Professional engineering has resulted in a unique greenkeeping device for artificial turf systems. New standards in technology make it easier to operate and very convenient to use. Perfectly designed for a strong performance after the game!

Intelligence: Turfrob plus app for new ways in pitch maintenance.

Everything is automatic
and controlled with a smartphone

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The Turfrob makes it possible. These new methods make you feel like the greenkeeping is being done right. Easy to program, and just play up! Turfrob knows its job and does it perfectly.
Easy operation and control of the TurfrobEasy operation and control of the Turfrob

Easy operation and
control of the Turfrob

Greenkeeping was never easier. Just start the app, set the program according to type and greenkeeping intensity and get started. The app connects to the Turfrob and starts the greenkeeping process fully automatically.

And action!

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