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What can Turfrob do?

The Turfrob greenkeeping robot combines four two technologies: grooming and brushing. The harrow unit loosens the infill and straightens the artificial turf; the brush unit dissolves dirt and ensures the even distribution of the infill.

How long does Turfrob need to care for a whole football pitch?

Turfrob requires between 4 and 5 hours to care for an area of 7,630 m² – UEFA and FIFA standard – at an operating speed of approx. 0.83 m/s or 3 km/h.

How much does Turfrob weigh and how large is it?

Turfrob weighs 140 kg. It is 140 cm long, 93 cm wide and 54 cm high.

What kind of energy source does Turfrob use and how many hours can it operate between charges?

The Turfrob maintenance robot is powered by a lithium-ion battery. One battery charge lasts for a duration of 7 to 8 hours. Turfrob is charged using a specially developed charger. This is included.

How does Turfrob navigate?

The Turfrob, care robot moves in lines across the field. It determines its position via GPS and other modern methods which are used for geo-positioning. This allows Turfrob to work according to the exact laying direction of the artificial turf which is optimal for perfectly brushed fibers

How is Turfrob operated?

The Turfrob can be controlled by app. The app is available for iOS and Android. It offers a variety of greenkeeping programs and also allows you to pre-select a start time.

Is Turfrob safe?

Turfrob has a radar sensor and detects obstacles from a distance. An impact sensor is integrated on top – Turfrob switches off when this is activated. In addition, Turfrob uses GPS localisation.

Artificial turf pitches are sometimes electrostatically charged by friction. Is Turfrob influenced by that?

No, the maintenance and navigation technologies installed in Turfrob work perfectly even when the pitch is electrostatically charged.

Turfrob weighs 140 kilos. How is that handled on the artificial turf pitch?

There is no need to carry or manoeuvre anything heavy: Turfrob parks in a defined parking position. It automatically drives out to the artificial turf pitch and back again.

Can Turfrob reduce the discharge of infill granulate?

The regular and uninterrupted use of Turfrob to level infill on artificial turf significantly helps to prevent the material from shifting. It brushes the infill back towards the middle of the pitch and distributes it evenly. At the same time, the artificial turf fibres brushed upright in a single operation also counteract the shifting of the infill granulate. The discharge of granules from the grass system (see: microplastic debate) is thereby reduced.

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